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If you are over the age of 86 and looking for travel cover then the good news is that there are lots of frugal living ideas and options for you these days.




This short guide is designed to help anybody who has suffered a personal injury while on holiday in a foreign country.

We understand that suffering an injury can at any time can be traumatic but even more so when you are away from home and not sure how to proceed. It is hoped that this guide will answer any questions you may have.

A team have dealt with numerous different types of claims for injuries that have occurred in foreign countries including road traffic accidents, food poisoning and injuries caused by holiday activities like paragliding, waterskiing and diving.
A lot depends on how you initially booked your holiday, see below:

If you have booked your holiday through a tour operator, they are responsible and your claim can be handled in the English or Welsh courts. The tour operator does need to be an ATOL protected provider so it is worth checking when booking your holiday.
However, if you book your holiday through a travel search website like Travel Republic or Last minute, you will most likely not be covered as they do not sell, organise or arrange package holidays; they just allow users to browse offers. In this case, the injured party would have to instruct solicitors from within that country to pursue a claim directly as it would be out of UK jurisdiction. It is worth highlighting that doing this can be prove to be expensive.
If you have booked your holiday using a credit card, you may also have some level of protection as there are means by which injured parties can claim from their credit card provider.

If you have booked your holiday by some other means or are travelling independently, there are travel insurance providers who offer compensation should you suffer an injury. It is worth taking out travel insurance if you are going on holiday or travel regularly.
No matter how you booked your holiday and even if you don't fall under any of the categories above, you should contact a law firm that are experienced in handling claims for personal injuries suffered when abroad.
Immediately after the accident, you should report the accident and consequent injuries to the hotel where you are staying and/or the tour operator you travelled with (if applicable).

Arrangements should be made for the injured party to receive the necessary medical care and attention.
Following treatment, you should ask for a written accident report including details of your injuries and if possible have photographs taken of the injuries.
It is also important to get witness statements from any other holiday makers or people who witnessed the accident. Make sure to get their contact details so they can be contacted in the future.

It is also critically important that you do not accept any financial offers of compensation until you have received expert legal advice.
Different countries have different processes for dealing with personal injury claims with different limitation periods for making a claim. For example, in Spain, you must begin proceedings within a year of the accident which is in contrast to France where the limitation is 10 years. Accidents that occur on a plane or boat/cruise generally have a limitation of 2 years.


The AA will stop restricting holidaymakers aged over 79 from taking out travel insurance cover for single trips from November 5.
Finding travel affordable travel insurance can be impossible for older travellers, with the majority of firms imposing age limits.
While the AA will keep its age limit of 79 on annual policies, it will axe the limit on single trips. It will also offer more generous medical underwriting.
Those who suffer from mild asthma or angina, for example, currently have to pay a small premium on top of their normal travel insurance cost.
But when the changes take effect they will no longer have to. Mobile phones will also be automatically covered, which they aren’t at present.
Of the 543 travel insurance policies available for single trips just 75, including those from LV=, the Post Office and Saga, have no maximum age, according to research by price comparison website GoCompare.

Some such as Protect Your Bubble cover customers only up to the age of 54. Aviva and Axa Direct won’t cover anyone over 80, while Barclays’ age limit is 70.
RBS requires its packaged current account customers to inform the bank when they turn 70. After this they will pay a £50 supplement a year and undergo medical screening. Only their premium Black Account policyholders don’t have to do this.
Meanwhile, M&S restricts single-trip customers over 80 from travelling to the USA.
A spokesperson for the AA says: ‘The details have yet to be finalised, but we are looking forward to introducing the improvements in early November and making our travel cover more competitive.’

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From 31st March 2013, banks and building societies selling packaged accounts will have to adhere to new rules just published by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Around one in five UK adults have a packaged account, which is current account bundled up with a range of insurance policies and other features.

The regulator wants to increase the level of consumer protection in the market, so banks and building societies will have to:

1. Check whether the customer is eligible to claim under each policy and share that information with them.

2. If the sales adviser is recommending policies in the package, they must establish whether each policy is suitable for the customer and alert them if some are not.

3. Provide customers with an annual eligibility statement setting out the requirements to claim each of the benefits under each insurance policy in the package, which should prompt customers to check whether their circumstances have changed and whether the policies continue to meet their needs.

The FSA is also consulting on a proposal that annual eligibility statements should be sent to customers as a separate mailing so that they are more likely to get noticed, and that banks and building societies should proactively tell customers who have triggered the age limit for claiming on the travel insurance element, or warn them if they will do so before the next statement is due.

The FSA’s director of policy, Sheila Nicoll, comments: “These products are often referred to as upgraded accounts but if you end up paying for an element you can’t claim on, it’s money down the drain.


EHIC Latest and European road travel updates

Warnings to travellers to not believe alone on the eu insurance Card for emergency treatment whereas they're on vacation ought to be heeded particularly by individuals with pre-exiting medical conditions.

Travels and FCO square measure is urging those heading to European nation above all, to confirm they need travel insurance to hide their medical condition. whereas the EHIC will cowl flare-ups of pre-existing conditions and procedures like excretory organ chemical analysis, there's confusion concerning what treatment the EHIC can cowl and not all countries square measure enduring by the agreement.

Its explains, "The EHIC ought to entitle travellers to emergency treatment for brand new and pre-existing conditions in countries that square measure a part of the reciprocal health agreement. However, in Gregorian calendar month the eu Commission began work issues in European nation wherever cases of GBd Northern Ireland|kingdom} travellers in possession of an EHIC were asked to pay in money, claim on their insurance or were turned removed from public hospitals. the opposite major issue is that in some vacation areas, there's restricted presence of public hospitals. because the EHIC isn't accepted in camera hospitals, the patient has the selection of a protracted journey at their own price to induce emergency treatment or a giant bill to be treated in private. Travellers with pre-existing conditions ought to contemplate the prices for rescheduled flights and accommodation not coated by the cardboard. Travel insurance specifically cowling any pre-existing medical conditions can supply cover."

According to figures free by the eu Commission, there has been a 9/11 decrease in road fatalities within the EU throughout 2012.

This decrease means three,000 lives are saved. However, there square measure still seventy five deaths on the roads a day and, for each death, there square measure ten serious injuries suffered together with harm to the brain or medulla spinalis.

The injuries sustained by vulnerable users like the older, pedestrians and motorcyclists have additionally seen a decrease.

The European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020 sets out plans to scale back the quantity of road deaths in Europe by five hundredth. It includes seven initiatives:

improved safety measures for vehicles
building safer road infrastructure
boosting good technology
strengthening education and coaching for road users
better social control of the laws on dashing, drink driving and therefore the failure to wear a seatbelt
establishing a road injuries target
and providing a replacement specialise in motorcyclists.
There are issues with the misreporting and underreporting of great injuries and therefore the figures aren't reliable across the EU. Amongst the initiatives is that the development of associate degree injuries strategy to incorporate a typical definition of a heavy road traffic injury and to introduce measures to assist Member States improve knowledge assortment.

The European Commission has been operating with Member States to agree on a most Abbreviated Injury Score (MAIS) to provide a typical definition. The injury score is set at the hospital with the assistance of a close classification key. The score ranges from one to six, with levels three to six thought-about as serious injuries.

Each Member State can begin applying the new common definition and knowledge gathering procedures for the year 2014 which is able to leave new measures to be adopted. it's hoped this can change Member States to fraction the quantity of deaths on Europe’s roads

Mad rush to getaway for Easter

There are reports that there is significant numbers of bookings to sunny and ski destinations for Easter 2013. Historically, Easter is the time when the warmer European and Long Haul hot spots begin to top the lists of popular destinations, but bookings for Ski resorts are also holding up at a time when they usually begin to tail off.

Kevin Currie, Global Digital Marketing Director of Holiday Autos, comments - "There's still a lot of uncertainty and discussion around the impact of the economy on holidays and travel, but in spite of this, we're still seeing bookings for Easter which are ahead of our own forecasts."

Currie also revealed that those who still haven't decided where to jet off this Easter can take advantage of a limited offer - £10 off last minute Easter getaways.

Travellers claiming over £5m per week through travel insurance

Travel insurers have been spending £5.3 million a week helping Britons who fall ill abroad.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the cost of becoming ill overseas hit a record high last year, with medical expenses claims having leapt by over 270%, compared with five years ago.

In all 366,000 claims were settled by insurers, amounting to 7,000 cases a week, the total having risen threefold since 2004.

Treatment costs accounted for 60% of pay-outs, compared with 33% five years ago, with stomach upsets, ear infections, allergies and heart problem the most common ailments.

Claims dealt with by insurers included £49,000 to cover the cost of a coronary artery bypass and emergency flight home for a holidaymaker taken ill in the USA, and £16,500 for back injuries suffered separately by a husband and wife while on the same holiday.

The ABI's director of general insurance and health, Nick Starling, says: "The often high costs of overseas medical treatment make travel insurance essential for anyone travelling abroad."

If you need cover and travel insurance for the aged 80 then ensure your age is covered.

Feb 2010

According to Age Concern more and more older Britons are travelling overseas. They have discovered this through an upsurge in older people taking out annual worldwide insurance.

They went on to say that this is creating a mini boom in travel for this age group

September 2009

The Over 70s are more likely to wait until September to go on holiday, according to Saga Travel Insurance.

Apparently 14 per cent more policies have been sold this month than in the previous month so far which shows canny older people waiting until prices come down from the school holiday high.

Research conducted by Saga Travel last year showed that 61 per cent of older people took holidays in September 2008 and the number of policies sold this month follows that trend.

July 2009

The cost of not taking travel insurance when you have to be repatriated is often underestimated, even from nearby countries such as France and Spain.

For instance if you had to be evacuated from France in an emergency, with a doctor or nurse in attendance then you could be looking at a bill close to £25,000 if you did n't take out appropriate travel cover.

if you are heading to the continent then check out over 80 for deals on senior travel insurance.

Other News

The credit crunch is severely affecting the online travel and travel insurance market in the UK.

The weak pound, especially against the Euro is having a negative effect on the UK travel insurance market as seniors are not travelling so much overseas these days.

The popular option seems to holiday in the UK and many businesses are fearing the worst if the pound does not gain back some of the value against the Euro.

Travel insurance seniors searches out the best providers of travel insurance for elderly people. Over two-thirds of travel insurance providers will not cover the Over 65 age group. 80s insurance over travel - 60s insurance over travel - 75yrs annual insurance over travel - 65s annual insurance over travel -70 insurance olds over travel year - elderly holiday insurance.

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If you are a provider of pensioner travel insurance then please contact us and we will review your product. There is a huge market for travel insurance for older people so don't miss out.

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Travel insurance for the Over 80s is no longer hard to come by in the UK. Once upon a time it was very difficult to get competitive cover for the over 70s and over 80s but a host of companies are now providing cover.

Check out our insurance over 80 travel page for more details.

New insurance provider Insure for all offers travel insurance for the over 70s - check them out.

Over 50s should never have an issue seeking travel insurance for their holidays and vacations. Travel insurance seniors are one of the main comparison sites for holidays insurance for the elder senior people.

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If you are heading abroad for an extended stay then you may wish to check out our guide below to holiday insurance over 80.

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